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Meet The Team

Fin Freaks is a guided fishing tour service for all species of fish in Eastern Ontario. We specialize in Lake Ontario, Rideau Lake and many back lakes and remote locations in between.

Mike Robillard
Founder and Guide

I started Fin Freaks base on my life’s experience growing up as a child and having a passion for fishing the moment I could hold a fishing rod. I have spent many hours on many lakes as a young child and into my adult life. I knew early on that I wanted to share those experiences with those around me in the same way. 

Fin Freaks is everything I see in an experience of a lifetime. Not only did I have a constant fin I was chasing my entire life but I was also chasing them in many remote locations. I may have been a freak to challenge myself and anyone who came with me on my wild adventures to that one trout on a never been fished back lake. 

Over the 30+ years that I have been sport fishing, and the 15+ years I have been tournament fishing for both the Renegade and Shootout Series they have each provided me with vast knowledge of how to better target each species. I have been able to use my tournament experience and skills learnt to provide you the very best experience when on a guided tour with myself. 

I enjoy fishing for all species of fish. I specialize in: Lake trout, walleye, bass, pike, salmon, pan fish and back lake stock trout. Whichever your target fish shall be I most love a challenge when targeting your specific species so that I can provide you that once in a life time fishing experience with Fin Freaks.

Will Budarick
Fishing Guide

My name is William Budarick, being invited to join Mike on the FinFreaks fishing team has been and continues to be a very rewarding experience. Being able to create and share memories with clients is defiantly the best part of the day on the water. My love for fishing and the outdoors started as soon as I could hold a rod, growing up along the bank of the Madawaska River I was taught to fish off our dock and I was hooked. As I got older, I would follow my father on many of his hobbies from trapping fur on Conroy’s marsh to checking the minnow traps and selling minnows on the weekends. I was hooked into the fishing industry, my introduction into guiding and teaching also started very young as would be tagging along on ice fishing trips with my father’s friends where I’d be setting the lines and preparing meals at the time, I was unaware, but I had grown to love showing people what I had learned and passing along what had been passed to me. Since then I’ve taken these basic lessons taught early on and expanded to a multispecies angler with a passion for learning new techniques and technology with a great respect for the basics and what fishing is truly about. After moving to Ottawa for college and travelling Canada wide for work I now once again call Palmer Rapids home. Eastern Ontario has some of the best untapped fishing opportunities as any other place I’ve been. I look forward to seeing you out on the water.

Mark Flume.jpg
Mark Fiume
Fishing Guide

My name is Mark Fiume, I am the newest team member to join Fin Freaks. I have had a passion for fishing and the outdoors my whole life. I have ben fishing Lake Ontario and the surrounding waters for a long time now. Mostly with friends and family. The joy that I see on people's faces when they land a big fish or a fish they've never caught before had lead me to this moment in life. early this year I obtained my charter captains license and a few other courses which will allow me to take my passion and love for fishing to a different group of people. I am very pleased that Mike has asked me to join the Fin Freaks team. I look forward to being able to provide families and friends with memories to last a life time with all kinds of different fish. In the spring time I can be found chasing lake trout and walleye out in Kingston, Deseronto area and the Bay of Quinte. In the early summer I can be found around the Wicklow and Cobourg area targeting lake trout and rainbow trout as we wait for the migration of the salmon. I look forward to providing your friends and family with memories that won't soon be forgotten.


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